Life Out Loud (LOL)

Monday or Friday: 3:30-4:30
Life Out Loud Plus – Mondays & Fridays: 3:30-4:30

Designed for males (female group coming soon) who are overwhelmed with the transition into adulthood, our mission is to strengthen and empower them with the skills necessary in overcoming their obstacles. Many young men are struggling with the negative effects of a disability or disorder and feel hopeless about achieving their dreams. Additionally, these young men have likely experienced some form of social abuse, and need assistance developing the confidence and assertiveness to effectively deal with adversity and reach their goals.

Trauma Recovery Groups

Freedom Fighters (Men) Fridays: 5:30-6:30
Hope Heals (Women) Tuesdays: 5:30-6:30
Shadowlands (Teens Co-ed) Thursdays: 3:30-4:30

We provide a separate grief & trauma group for men and women. These weekly groups focus on the process of overcoming adverse life experiences in a loving Christ-centered environment.

Our Group Process

  • K – Know your feelings
  • I – Identify your schemes & lies/myths
  • C – Calm yourself with truths/affirmations
  • K – Keep practicing truths/affirmations

Our Group Philosophy

Infected wounds are painful and need to be cleansed and healed. We confess negative moments when we engaged in destructive behavior. We share positive moments when we chose to practice truth despite our feelings. Scars are a sign of healing. We share healing moments when we feel the power of God change our hearts and minds. Our scars are someone’s hope! (John 20: 24-29)

Why Group?

  1. Weary hearts need to share life with others (honest communication).
  2. Weary hearts need to expose negative beliefs (myths/lies).
  3. Weary hearts need to give and receive encouragement (affirmations/truths).
  4. Weary hearts need a safe place to build trust (interpersonal risks).
  5. Weary hearts need to learn how to work things out (conflict resolution).

Families Matter

A warm evening of southern hospitality and supportive education for the families of those healing from traumatic experiences.