AHAF exists to help individuals and families who are suffering from the effects of trauma.

Did you know?

Left untreated, post-traumatic stress can produce chronic symptoms that are life altering. Additionally, related disorders often produce feelings of hopelessness that often go unreported. Symptoms should be targeted by early treatment interventions and support.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is a harmful or threatening event that is outside the range of normal experience and completely beyond control. Trauma’s impact on individuals and families can be pervasive, life changing, and enduring. Trauma can negatively influence the way people think and feel about themselves, others, and God. Additionally, post-traumatic reactions can be triggered by normal experiences months and even years after a trauma has occurred. Those who experience post-traumatic stress can be troubled by thoughts of suicide and many attempt or complete suicide. Traumatic occurrences include:

• Death of a loved one
• Severe trauma (life-threatening or potentially life-threatening situations, abuse)
• Divorce / Separation / Breakup / Major Family Conflict
• Developmental trauma (insecure attachments in childhood)
• Chronic diagnoses (individual or within the family) / Addictions
• Circumstances that reinforce negative thoughts and feelings

Only 29% of people with post-traumatic stress symptoms report contacting a mental health professional in the past year, and among the subset with severe depression, only 39% reported contact.

More than 2/3 of post-traumatic stress cases go unreported, for reasons varying from fear of losing employment to fear of rejection from loved ones.

Embrace your hope. Find your angels.

AHAF provides resources and guidance necessary for individuals and families to rebuild healthy spiritual, mental, and physical lives that soar above the traumatic experiences of the past.

Embrace your future. Be an angel.

AHAF inspires individuals and families to use their experience, strength, and hope to touch the lives of others. It is in service to others that many have discovered a life worth living.


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